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Scheduling Payments

If you have permission, you can schedule payments to occur sometime in the future. The scheduled payment(s) can be deleted or modified up until the date that the payment is to occur. Until the payment occurs, the order is not considered to be allocated and will not display on any allocation report. For more information, refer to Payment Allocations.

The following sections describe how to work with scheduled payments:

To be able to schedule customer payments, the payment scheduler must first be configured. For more information, refer to Configuring the Payment Scheduler.
The items on the orders must also be accessible to the role being used to schedule the payments.
If you want to allow Online customers to use the scheduled payment option (currently only for orders and offers):
  • The AudienceView Online users must have the applicable content enabled (Payment Plans and renewalPaymentPlan).
    For more information, refer to Enabling Online Content in Application Security.
  • The 'Order Type' dropdown must be set to Renewal.
  • The 'Balance Due Date' must be at least three months in the future.
    AudienceView Online users cannot create a payment plan longer than three months. It must be done via the Customer Serivces application.