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Making a Reservation

If a customer making a purchase at the box office/via telephone wants to put a purchase on hold without losing the seats/items (e.g. the customer forgot his/her wallet at home and he/she will return shortly to make the payment), you can make a reservation, which is essentially an ad hoc offer.

To create a reservation, complete the following:

  1. Open the Customer Services application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Select the Order tab.
    The Order|Search page appears.
  3. Click 'Create New'.
    The Order|Summary page appears.
  4. Create an order containing at least one admission.
    For more information, refer to Creating an Order.
  5. Attach a customer to the order.
    For more information, refer to Customers, Agents and Orders.
  6. Click 'Make Reservation'.
    The Make Reservation dialog box appears.
  7. Enter a name for the offer in the 'Reservation Name' field.
  8. Optionally, add a description (e.g. customer will return with wallet) in the 'Reservation Description' field.
  9. Click 'Add to Offer'.
    A window prompts you to confirm the creation of the reservation for X admission(s), Y items and Z donations with an expiry date of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM.
    The expiry date is defined in the ‘Reservation Time Out’ field for the role, but it will be overridden by any other 'Reservation Time Out' settings places on a series, performance, miscellaneous item or donation.
  10. Click 'OK'.
    The Offer|Summary page appears and an offer has been created.
For information on creating reservations online, refer to Online Reservations.