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Manually Generating a Tax Receipt Number

Manually generating a tax receipt will not create a tax receipt number. A tax receipt number is only assigned if the tax receipt is generated from the Utilities application.

  1. Open the Utilities application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Select the Pledges tab.
    The Pledges|Tax Receipts page appears.
  3. Search for the order containing the gift that you want to work with. For more information, refer to Utilities - Pledges Pages.
  4. Using the 'Extract' button, extract the the data file for the tax receipt(s) that you want to assign a number to using any of the available extract methods/templates (CSV, mail merge, XML or PDF).
  5. When you return to the order, the gift receipt will have a number and the 'Void Selected' and 'Reissue Selected' buttons will appear in the gift receipts section of the Customer Services application Order|Gifts page.