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Customer Services - Order|Order History|Order Page

The Order|Order History|Order page displays a summary of all the order’s history.

The following image illustrates the Order|Order History|Order page: 

 The Order|Order History|Order page contains the following properties:

Field Description
Date The date and time that the change occurred to the order.
User (Role) The user associated with the change in the order’s history.
Action The type of change that occurred to the order. Actions include:
  • Insert: An addition of an element (e.g. seat, bundle, donation) to the order.
  • Update: An update to the order or elements on the order.
  • Delete: A deletion of an element from the order.
  • Cancel: A cancellation of a ticket on the order.
  • Print: Tickets or items were printed.

    Each of the actions is a link. When you click the link, the application displays the details of the action in another tab of the Order|Order History page. For example, clicking an insert payment link opens the Order|Order History|Payments page with the information about the selected payment displayed.