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Bundles and Entitlements

With the purchase of a bundle, a customer can earn entitlements. Entitlements include memberships, benefits and passes. The following lists how entitlements can be earned with the purchase of a bundle:

  • A bundle can have an associated membership. A membership in turn can have associated benefits. Whether the bundle has been paid for or not, the customer will earn the membership and its associated points and benefits.
  • A bundle can have an associated pass. Whether the bundle has been paid for or or not, the customer will earn the pass.

Entitlements can only be earned when a customer has been associated with an order. Once earned, they appear on and can be managed from the Customer|Entitlements pages. For more information, refer to Entitlements – Memberships, Benefits, Passes and Offers.

When a membership is associated with a bundle, it is given associated points. The points are earned by the customer when they purchase the bundle. The membership level then earned by the customer will depend on the customer’s points.

For example, membership X has two levels. Level one is for 1-6 points, and level two is for 7 or more points. A customer with 4 points purchases a bundle and gets 3 points for the purchase, for a total of 7 points. The customer would thus earn the second level of membership with the purchase of the bundle.

If the purchase of a miscellaneous item is cancelled, the customer will lose all associated memberships, points, benefits and passes.