AudienceView Connect

Rules for Including Bundles in Orders

Keep the following rules in mind as you work with bundles:

  • A single order can include multiple instances of the same bundle, but they must all be fulfilled using the same performances. However, they can be for different price types and price zones.
  • If you do not have permission to sell a performance because the performance does not have a current on-sale date for your role, but you have permission to sell a bundle that contains that performance you can sell admissions to the performance, but only through the bundle.
  • If a performance in a bundle is sold out to your current role, AudienceView does not allow you to select it for the bundle.
  • If a promotion (with or without an access code) is associated with the bundle, the customer must provide the 'Promotion Access Code' or have an associated benefit that contains the required promotion.
    For more information, refer to Product Configuration - Promotions.