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About Agents

Your organization may work with agents, customers who purchase large amounts of tickets to resell to the general public. AudienceView has added Agent as an 'Account Type' to facilitate working with this type of customer. Currently, the Agent functionality is only available in the AudienceView Desktop.

By default, the Agent account type is disabled. To use the Agent option, it must be enabled in the General Configuration application List|Entries page for the customerOrganizationTypes list. For more information, refer to Modifying a List.

In the Customer Service application, the Order|Summary and Offers|Summary pages now contain an 'Agent Number' field, in addition to the ‘Customer Number’ field. This enables a customer account to be specified as the customer or agent on an order/offer and for an order/offer to contain both a customer and agent. When an Agent 'Account Type' is attached to an order/offer, the account is automatically added as the agent on the order/offer. However, you are able to modify an order so that an Agent account is the order customer.

Most often, an order will contain either a customer or an agent, not both. The details of an order will appear on the Customer|History of the customer account attached to the order, regardless of its 'Account Type'. When an order contains both a customer and an agent, the details of the order will appear on the Customer|History page for both the customer and the agent.

Agents can have benefits assigned their accounts, allowing them to purchase a larger number of tickets. For more information refer to Managing Customer Benefits.