AudienceView Connect

Deleting a Membership from an Account

Provided that the membership is not in use and you have the appropriate permissions, you can delete a membership from a customer’s account. Deleting a membership does not delete any associated passes, but will delete any associated benefits.

To delete a membership from a customer account, complete the following:

  1. Open the Customer Services application from the AudienceView Desktop.
    The Customer|Search page appears.
  2. Search for and select the customer account you want to delete a membership from. For more information, refer to Searching for a Customer or Contact.
    If you selected the default contact, the Customer|Basic page will appear, otherwise the Customer|Advanced page will appear.
  3. Select the Entitlements tab.
    The Customer|Entitlements|Memberships page appears.
  4. Select the 'del?' check box beside the membership that you are removing.
  5. Click 'Apply'.
    A window confirms that the application updated the customer.
  6. Click 'OK'.