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Managing Customer Passes

A pass is used to hold a customer’s admissions. A pass can be earned through a membership or it can be given to a customer with the purchase of a bundle or miscellaneous item.

Depending on your organization’s configuration of a specific pass, a customer may be restricted from holding multiple instances of the same pass. Speak to your system administrator for more information.

Once the customer has a pass, eligible bundles and performances can be assigned to the pass. Depending on the pass and your organization’s configuration of AudienceView, passes can then be used to grant access to a performance.

A performance or bundle can be assigned to a customer’s pass if:

  • The customer with the pass is associated with the order.
  • The pass held by the customer is eligible for use on the performance or bundle.

For more information on assigning a pass, refer to Assigning an Admission to a Customer’s Pass.

The following sections describe managing customer passes: