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Contacts and Linking Accounts

There are two ways to associate other people to an existing customer account. You can create contacts within a customer account or link any number of customer accounts to each other.

You can create one or more contacts related to the default or initial customer contact entered at the time of creating the customer account. Generally, you add contacts who have something in common or have a specific relationship to the initial contact. This might be family members or members within a department (e.g. school teachers from a specific school). Once you have created contacts for the customer account, you can easily change, track and report on all contact information pertaining to a specific account. For more information, refer to Contacts.

Linking accounts differs in that each customer or agent has their own individual accounts, and therefore no direct responsibility to each other. However, when you create a link, you define their relationship. Once links are available, you are then one click away from each account that has been linked. For more information, refer to Linking Customer Accounts.

With linked accounts, your Customer Service department can track sales and markets more effectively. For instance, customer Smith and customer Jones both have children that go to the same school. Customer Smith purchases tickets to an upcoming event for Christmas. You can now contact customer Jones, to let him/her know that you have reserved tickets next to customer Smith for the same show, giving him/her 48 hours to confirm.

How your organization sells and markets your venue is easily accommodated using either or both types of functionality.

The following sections describe how to work with contacts and links: