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Managing Customer Benefits

Benefits can be manually assigned to customer accounts or earned through memberships. Benefits have a number of different uses, and they can be configured to increase the caps and limits for a customer or agent, or to provide additional offers and incentives to a customer or agent.

If a capped promotion is associated to a performance or price type, associating a benefit with the same promotion to a customer account can allow the customer to exceed the 'Cap' and 'Max/Order' limits. The 'Cap' limit is affected by the benefits of the admission customer. If an admission customer is not specified, it is taken to be the order customer. The 'Max/Order' limit is affected by the benefits of the order customer. Benefits do not affect the values set in the 'Min/Order' or 'Increment' fields. For more information, refer to Setting Promotion Limits.

The following sections describe managing customer benefits: