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Using the Rich Text Editor

When creating a message (Correspondence application Message|Build page) or an article (Content Management application Article|Text page), you can format your text using the Rich Text editor provided with AudienceView. The editor allows you perform the standard editing functions as in most word processors, format text using different text formats, styles, fonts and sizes. You can also insert images, hyperlinks and special characters.

To build the content of your message or article using the Rich Text editor:

  1. Open the Correspondence application (to build a message) or the Content Management application (to build an aricle) from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Select the Messages or Articles tab.
    The corresponding Search page appears.
    1. If you have not already created a message, refer to Creating a Message.
    2. If you have not already created an article, refer to Creating an Article.
  3. Search for and select the message that you want to format. For more information, refer to the Correspondence - Messages|Search Page, Content Management - Articles|Search Page and Performing Searches.
    The corresponding Basic page appears.
  4. To format text in the message, you can either:
    1. Select existing text and click the desired format
    2. Select the desired text format and enter the text. For more information, refer to Rich Text Formats and Operations and the sections listed below.
  5. Click 'Appy'.
    A message confirms that the application updated the message or article.
  6. Click 'OK'.

The following sections describe how to work with and create messages in more detail: