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AudienceView Desktop Shortcut Keys

The following shortcut keys can be used to access the following options:

Option Shortcut Keys Description
My AudienceView SHIFT + M This opens the My AudienceView application to manage tasks and notes, to run reports using My Executive BI and to change your password.
For more information, refer to the My AudienceView Guide.
System Override SHIFT + O This opens the System Override dialog box to allow users with greater system permissions to temporarily grant security privileges to the user currently signed in to AudienceView.
For more information, refer to Using System Override.
Change Settings SHIFT + S This opens the Change Your Settings dialog box. This dialog box includes the options of selecting your user role, printer and payment terminal.
For more information, refer the Changing Your Login Settings.
Ensure you save any changes before changing your role.
Logout SHIFT + L This opens the Logout dialog box.
Click 'OK' to logout.
About AudienceView SHIFT + A Provides information pertaining to the current version of the AudienceView software installed on your computer.
Change Your Password SHIFT + P This opens the Change Your Password dialog box.
Add Additional Fields CTRL+TAB Once you have made an entry in a multi-data field (identified by a  icon next to it), you can press CTRL+TAB to open an additional field. Clicking the icon will also add another field.
'Create' / 'Apply' ALT + S This is the equivalent of clicking the 'Create' or 'Apply' buttons.