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Before You Configure Your Scanner or Mobile Device

There are several steps that must be performed prior to configuring your scanner/mobile devices for use. There are several settings and options that must be disabled prior to using the scanner/mobile device. As well, it is strongly recommended that you use the most up-to-date version of the scanning software.

Ensuring the Scanner's ScanWedge or DataWedge Software is Up-To-Date

Ensure that the scanner's version of ScanWedge or DataWedge software is the most up-to-date as possible.

Disabling Spell-Check Features

The spell-check features of the scanner/mobile device can interfere with the execution of the scanner/mobile device. Ensure that the spell-check feature is disabled in each scanner/mobile device used.

Disabling Auto-Completion Features

Features where the scanner/mobile device is able to anticipate the completion of entered words with predictive text interfere with the performance and execution of scanners/mobile devices. These features should be disabled.

Disabling Auto-Roaming Functionality

All scanners/mobile devices should be dedicated to a single WiFi access point, so that the scanner/mobile device does not stop functioning to connect with another nearby access point. To ensure that no delay in scanning service occurs, disable all auto-roaming functionality in the scanner/mobile device.