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Options Tab

The Options tab is used to set constraints on the passwords entered using the EncryptGui tool.

Setting a Min Length or Max Length, or a required character type causes an error to occur when a key is entered that does not fit the options. The master keys are not subject to these extra constraints when changing a column's encryption.

Selecting all four of the checkboxes (i.e. 'Requires capitals', 'Requires numbers', 'Requires alpha' and 'Requires special') will ensure that the passwords (entered or generated) are strong enough to provide adequate protection for sensitive data. Selecting fewer checkboxes is not recommended. The 'Min Length' and 'Max Length' of the password should be set at least eight characters long (e.g. min: 8; max: 16), but it is recommended that passwords are at least sixteen characters (e.g. min: 16; max: 32).