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Understanding a Ticket’s Status

As a ticket is successfully scanned, the application assigns it one of the following states:

Status Description
Printed The ticket has been printed but not yet scanned.
Used (In) The ticket was successfully scanned In.
Used (Out) The ticket was successfully scanned Out.
Re-entered The ticket was successfully scanned In after being scanned Out. Re-entered tickets cannot be scanned In unless they have been scanned Out again.

If an error occurred when scanning, the status of the ticket is changed to one of the following:

Status Description
Ticket Not Found An invalid ticket number was scanned.
Ticket Used Ticket has already been scanned In or Out (based on your 'Scan Type').
Wrong Performance The ticket number is valid but not for the selected performance(s).
Wrong Gate Based on the selected gate, the ticket is not allowed access.
Cancelled The ticket has been cancelled. If a cancelled ticket is scanned, the application reports the error and cancellation reason. The ticket's status does not change.