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Selecting a Subscription Bundle’s Renewal Seat

When a subscription bundle is renewed, AudienceView uses the selected renewal seat to decide which seat to select for all of the performances in the new bundle. The selected renewal seat is determined when the order containing the original bundle is created.

The user who adds a subscription bundle to an order must select the renewal seat from the list of all seats included in the bundle. By default, AudienceView selects the first one in the list (alphabetically), as the renewal seat. If a particular seat has already been selected as the renewal seat for a given bundle (within this order or another), it cannot be selected again. If you select a renewal seat that has already been used, an error will occur when you try to create the order.

You must select a renewal seat and price type for each venue included in the bundle. If there are multiple venues, you will see more than one dropdown list per bundle instance.

To select a bundle’s renewal seat:

  1. After adding the bundle to the order, go to the Order|Summary or Order|Bundles|Seats page.
  2. For each instance of each subscription bundle, select the appropriate renewal seat from the 'Renewal Seat' dropdown.
    By default, the seat most commonly used in the bundle is selected.

    Selecting a Subscription Bundle’s Renewal Seat

For subscription bundles, a renewal seat must be selected for each instance. If a particular seat has already been used as a renewal seat for a certain bundle, it cannot be used again. Should you attempt to select a seat already assigned as a renewal seat, an error message appears accordingly.