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Example Session Filter - Filtering Customers by Create User

In this example, we will create a customer BI query to filter customers by create user. This creates a dynamic query since results will vary depending on the user running the query.

The following table describes how to create the filter as it relates to an order BI query:

Field Value
Category/Criteria Customer/Customer Creator User Name
Type Match Condition (Session)
Operator Type And
Function Blank
Condition Equals
Values User Name
This filters by the current user.

To illustrate the results of the query, consider the following example. Ten customers were created today: three by Ann, five by Susan, two by Joe. Bob did not create any new customer accounts. The following table illustrates the results based on the user running the query:

User BI results
Ann 3 customers
Susan 5 customer
Joe 2 customer
Bob No results