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Working with Result Members

The Business Intelligence|Results page enables you to define result members for your query. Result members define what data to include in the results of your BI query.

When creating a new query, a default set of result members displays based on the type of BI object.

For example, the default result members for a customer BI query include Customer Number, Default First Name, Default Last Name, Default Address. You can modify these default result members and/or add new ones based on your requirements.

If you will be saving your query to a folder for use elsewhere in the application, some folders require certain result members. For more information, refer to Saving a BI Query to a Folder (Custom Searches).

Once you have added result members to your BI query, you can specify whether to sort, group or total the member, create an aggregate function, and/or develop more complex results such as pivot extracts.

The following sections describe how to work with BI result members: