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AudienceView 6.8.13 Change Log

The following table outlines the changes made in AudienceView 6.8.13:
NEW FEATURE Payment Gateway - Bluefin
Bluefin, a tokenized, point-to-point encryted, credit card processing payment gateway, has been introduced for US implementations.
To use Bluefin, contact your AudienceView customer success manager.
Payments - Tokenized refunds and voids through Tender Retail.
Refunds and voids are now supported through Tender Retail by using token IDs.
This allows you to refund or void card present transactions that were created with a token. Chip and Pin transactions (created with a token) can be refunded or voided without requiring cardholders to insert their cards into the terminals.
This requires a change to the Tender Retail Merchant Connect Multi software so that the 'Card Information Response Format' is set to Token.

For card present transactions:
  • Payments, refunds and voids all behave as expected with tokenized payments.
  • Refunds to payments without tokens require the user to have the card present and will prompt the user as such.
There is no user impact for card not present (moto or internet) payments.
As part of this work, an extra layer in the gateway dll that required the fields to be populated has been removed.
Validation is now done as follows:
  • Payment Method: The pattern and mod10 can validate that a card number meets rules (no change)
  • Field Validation: If a field is required in the Registry or Application Security group  it will be validated (no change)
  • Processing Validation: Payment processing validation Is done by the thrid-party payment processor - payments are approved or declined. Since the processor cannot process a payment without card number or expiration date, we are leaving the validation up to them.
Bluefin - Support tokenized non-referenced refunds.
You can now add a new 'Payment Transaction Type' of Refund (a refund that does not reference the original payment transaction or reference ID) when using the Bluefin payment gateway.
Using the 'Refund' and 'Partial Refund' buttons (referenced refunds) are not affected by this change, and work as expected.
FIXED Online - The giftCardListReloads.asp is missing an opening body tag, making it difficult to override element attributes. AVD-10895
FIXED Online - A Facebook Javascript error breaks search results. AVD-14343