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AudienceView 6.8.19 Change Log

The following table outlines the changes made in AudienceView 6.8.19:
NEW FEATURE New Agent Event Sales report.
The Agent customer type allows for the sale of admission inventory by sales agents.

The forthcoming Vivid Seats Primary Integration will convert into an Agent for participating AudienceView clients.

The Agent Event Sales report has been developed to provide Sales and Finances teams with the details about sales to see which channel (e.g. AudienceView Online, Vivid Seats, Agents) is driving more revenue. 
This provides Sales teams with insights into which Agents are selling well or poorly, and provides Finance teams with a way to ensure the accuracy of values sold by agents and any corresponding commissions that may be due.New Agent Event Sales report.
NEW FEATURE Implement a New Route for API Calls – Phase One
The new route for WebAPI calls, called v2, augments and replaces the functionality of the WebAPI/object/ route with WebAPI/v2/.
This will reduce the number of calls required to the WebAPI. The new route can also:
  • Assign handles with Object Name (objectName=myHandle)
  • Automatically create handles (boCreate not needed anymore)
    • Automatically releases those created handles, at the end of the call.
  • Release a business object by handle: (objectRelease=myHandle)
  • Combine ADDNODE with other operations
  • Change the ADDNODE response
  • Add support for remove node (removeNode=nodepath)
  • Change the doWork action name from part of the URI to a param (action=actionName)
The WebAPI is currently backwards compatible with the old style route (/WebAPI/object/ still operates as it did before).
NEW FEATURE Create an Order Confirmation / Invoice (Moneris) template with additional payment fields.
To support a new feature for AVS, a new Order Confirmation / Invoice (Moneris) template has been created. It contains additional information in the payment section of the order confirmation.

Only customers using Tender Retail with Moneris who want to enable AVS need to use this version of the invoice/confirmation.
NEW FEATURE  Allow Inventory Partners (e.g. Vivid Seats) to look at held seats as well as open seats.
The 'Best Available Inventory' dropdown has been added to the Application Security application Role|Basic page.

It determines what seats best available will look at when making selections.
  • Open and Held: Best Available will have access to both open and held seats.
    This would be the default for any partner-based role.
  • Open Only: Best Available will only look at open seats (i.e. unsold and not on hold).
    This is the default setting/behaviour.
  • Held Only: Best Available will only look at seats that are on hold.
    For example, if a hold is used to for an exclusive partner-based presale, holds can be used to create exclusive listings.

The field is bound to the best available inventory list.
NEW FEATURE API - Add Search filter parameters to filter by series and promotions.
The series_filter and match_promo_only parameters have been added to the TScontentBO's search and extract doWork methods.
NEW FEATURE API - Full Extract - Include Price Zone GUID
Price Zone information is now provided to inventory partners.
Inventory partners, such as Vivid Seats, want to present contiguous seats in their listings where possible.

Inventory partners need to understand how venues are divided into price zones so that seats in different price zones are not presented as contiguous. If four seats appear together in a row but the first two are more expensive than the latter two, two listings of two seats would be produced instead of one listing of four seats.
IMPROVEMENT API - Add a contentBO extract.
A new, core extract script called ContentBO JSON Extract has been added to pull all of the available items returned by the content search in JSON format via the API. 
IMPROVEMENT API - Add complete and partial mapBO extracts.
Two new, core extract scripts called MapBO Complete JSON Extract and MapBO Partial JSON Extract have been added to pull all of the seats and related information in JSON format via the API. 
IMPROVEMENT API - Allow users to search the TScontentBO without providing an article_id parameter. AVD-19660
IMPROVEMENT API - Add venue_id to unified search.
The search method of the TScontentBO has been enhanced to allow users to search for an individual venue using venue_id.
IMPROVEMENT Obstructed Seat Indicator
An Obstructed option has been added to the Event Configuration application Venue|Seats page's 'Sys Type' field. 
When users perform best available searches via the AudienceView Desktop or online, they have the option of omitting obstructed seats from their searches.
IMPROVEMENT Validata - Add configuration to control accepted validation values.
The 'Accepted Validation Codes' field has been added to the Registry application Sysmem::Configuration::Payment Gateways::Validata node.
The default value are set to 2,4,5
The allowable codes are:
  • 1: Sort code is valid and Account is valid.
    This value is hard coded in the gateway and will always be treated as accepted.
  • 2: Sort code is valid and Account is valid but bypassed the modulus.
  • 4: Sort code is invalid and Account is valid because it passed the modulus.
  • 5: Sort code is invalid and account is invalid because it bypassed the modulus.
All other values will be ignored.
IMPROVEMENT Allow Inventory Partners to cancel orders in the AudienceView Desktop.
Inventory Partners such as Vivid Seats require the ability to cancel orders in the AudienceView Desktop, to ensure cross-listed admissions remain properly synchronized.

This fix enables order cancellation as well as provides default values for associated cancellation fields. 
IMPROVEMENT Add 'Reference IDs' to Customers and Orders.

The forthcoming Vivid Seats Primary integration permits the listing and sale of primary inventory, sourced from an AudienceView on

The key to this integration is the ability for the customer and order information from Vivid Seats (or another inventory partner) to be saved in AudienceView. As multi-channel distribution becomes more common AudienceView needs to connect order and customer numbers and codes with the corresponding entries in the inventory partner platforms.

Reference IDs can now be saved against a customer or order and work similarly to extended attributes. They are configured in the Registry application Registry::EN::TScustomerBO::Reference IDs and Registry::EN::TSorderBO::Reference IDs nodes.
These fields are flexible enough to store any third-party reference that you want to retain about customers and orders (e.g. Twitter handle, student ID).
FIXED Missing index on ts_correspondence_detail table by order_id. AVD-6493
FIXED Sessions are ending when a ticket template that contains a self-referencing dynamic value is printed.
Ticket templates can no longer be created/saved if they contain self-referencing dynamic values. 
FIXED The Donation By Sales Date report returns an error when the Allocation Date criteria is used. AVD-15904
FIXED Online - Each time customers use the 'Try Again' button to look for different bundle seats, an additional pass is added to the order. AVD-16940
FIXED The Gift Certificate/Cards Transaction report sometimes displays redeemed amounts twice.
The Gift Certificate/Cards Transaction report has been converted to the new framework, resolving the issue with the duplicate redeemed amounts.
FIXED The RSS Feed does not use the role associated with the site. AVD-19027
FIXED Desktop - Seats are not being released when offers are declined or closed. AVD-19071
FIXED Online - Promotion code limits are not validating when the applicable admissions are added to shopping cart. AVD-19159
FIXED The Unallocated Payment Details report incorrectly returns Balanced Orders due to rounding errors. AVD-19194
FIXED The General Ledger report is not referencing the 'Unallocated' and 'Accounts Receivable' GL Code values. AVD-19284
FIXED Desktop - It takes longer than expected to send emails.
Performance improvements and a memory fix were made to the AVScheduler.
FIXED The gift renewal amount is not being populated when an Update Order ( Payment Fail OK ) 'Renewal Type' is being run. AVD-19611
FIXED Desktop  - Order-to-order renewals with renewable payments are not adding payments to the renewal orders.  AVD-19813
FIXED A database exception occurs when tickets are printed. AVD-19916
FIXED The Performance Pricing by Price Type report cannot be output to .CSV. AVD-19927
FIXED Occasionally, the most recently updated charge is being allocated on orders instead of the correct charge.  AVD-19982
FIXED The Performance Pricing by Date report cannot be output to .CSV. AVD-20010
FIXED When the Wrap report is run using Output by Performance, only one row is returned.
The Wrap report has been converted to the new framework, resolving the issue with the Output by Performance.
FIXED Orders sometimes roll back due to unexpected updates to customer records. AVD-20348
FIXED Multiple logouts occur in the Desktop. AVD-20571