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Checking a Ticket’s Status

You can use the Check Status option to check the status of the ticket instead of marking it and updating its status. The yellow background colour (or the colour configured by your system administrator) is the default colour used to indicate the use of this option. For more information, refer to Access Control Notifications.

To check the status of a ticket, complete the following:

  1. Log on to Access Control as described in Logging On to Access Control.
    The Options Pages appears.
  2. Use the table below to complete the fields relevant for checking the ticket’s status. The options not described are not applicable when checking a ticket’s status. For more information on these fields, refer to Marking Tickets.
Field Description
User Role Select your user role from the 'User Role' dropdown list if it is not already selected.
Performances Verify the performance for which you will be scanning tickets next to the Performances field. To change the performance, refer to Searching for a Performance in Access Control.
It is not required that you select the relevant performance for the ticket. However, if you check the status for a ticket which is not for the selected performance, Access Control will not indicate what performance the ticket is for.
Check Status Select the check box to specify that you are not marking tickets.
Show Customer Detail Select the check box if you want to view the following customer information for successful scans:
Show Order Detail Select the check box if you want to view the following order information for successful scans:
  • Order Number
  • Amount Due

    For more information, refer to Showing Order and Customer Details.
    Once you scan a ticket with the Check Status option enabled, the image below illustrates an example result: