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Creating an Article Template Using Context Fields

Through the use of context fields, you can create an article template that will pull information from the selected source.

To create an article template, complete the following:

  1. Open the Content Management application from the AudienceView Desktop.
  2. Select the Articles tab.
    The Articles|Search page appears.
  3. Click 'Create New'.
    The Articles|Basic page appears.
  4. Enter the details of the article into fields in the article details group box.
    Different fields will and will not be available depending upon the type of article.

    For more information, refer to Content Management Articles-Basic Page

  5. Click  next to the 'Default Context' field.
  6. Select the type of article template that you want to create from dropdown (i.e. performance, bundle, miscellaneous item, stored value item or gift).
    A Find dialog box appears (which one depends on the option that you selected from the 'Default Context' field).
  7. Search for an select the item that you want to use to create the article template. For more information, refer to:
  8. Select the Text tab.
    The Articles|Text page appears.
  9. Insert the text that you want to preceed the information in the context field (e.g. Doors Open: for a performance context field).
  10. Click 'Insert Context Field'.
    If you did not select an option from the 'Default Context' dropdown on the Article|Basic page, the button will not appear.

    The Article Context Type dialog box appears.

  11. Select the context type that you want to use from the dropdown (e.g. Entry_Date for a performance context field).
    For a list of all of the available context types and their definitions, refer to Context Types and Online Searchable Fields.
  12. Click 'Insert Context Field'.
    The context field is inserted. When the article is viewed Online, the context field will be populated with the information from the item selected in the 'Default Context' field on the Article|Basic page (e.g. Doors Open: 2011-09-03 7:30 PM).
  13. For every context field that you want to add, repeat the process from Step 9.
  14. Click 'Create'.
    A window confirms that the application created the article.
  15. Click 'OK'