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Access Control Reports

The following access control reports are standard in AudienceView:

  • Real Time Access Control Report
    The Real Time Access Control report displays the number of tickets scanned for a range of events, users, sections, gates, rows and dates. Totals are displayed for those tickets scanned in, out, and re-entered as well as for scanning failures. The resulting output can be displayed with or without detail. 
  • Scanned Tickets By Hour Report
    The Scanned Tickets by Hour report displays, for a range of events and specific date, the number of tickets scanned and mark description. The report groups results by mark description and by the selected time interval (either by the hour or 15-minute intervals).
  • Scanning Failures Report
    The Scanning Failures report displays the number of failed ticket scans, the location those failed scans occurred, and the nature of the failure.

The Ticket Usage Report also reports on used tickets.