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Technical Reports

The following technical reports are standard in AudienceView:

  • Booking Protect Report (Available as of AudienceView 6.8.8)
    The Booking Protect report is for use exclusively with the Booking Protect product.
    The Booking Protect report presents order level information for sold orders containing the selected charge(s) for the selected dates. If a customer is on the order, the report will display the order contact's first and last names.
  • Credit Debit Card Payment Reconciliation Report
    The Credit Card Payment Reconciliation report is used to troubleshoot issues related to processing of credit and debit cards.
  • Duplicate Account Summary Report
    The Duplicate Account Summary report displays a list of possible duplicate accounts based on specified matching criteria including:
  • Fortress Ticket Reconciliation Report
    The Fortress Ticket Reconciliation report displays a list of all tickets and passes printed for a specific event and on which medium they were printed.
  • Order Reconciliation Report (Available as of AudienceView 6.8.7)
    The Order Reconciliation report displays all of the incomplete orders in the system.
  • Seat History Report
    The Seat History report is directly tied into the Customer Services application Events|Seat Map page.
  • Tickets Printed Report
    The Printed Order Summary Detail report provides information about ticket printing over a range of order creation and print dates.
  • Venue Proof Report
    The Venue Proof report displays a seat count by Section and Row for a selected venue. This report may also be used to locate any/all duplicate seats that may have accidentally been created.