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Dashboard Reports

Once you have saved a dashboard report, the dashboard will become available on the AudienceView Desktop. Then dashboards can be selected and marked as your default/favourite dashboard.

  • Daily Sales Dashboard Report
    The Daily Sales dashboard compares two distinct days of paid income. It displays total income, income per role, total number of orders and the average order value. Income by hour is plotted on a line graph using the same date range comparison. It also displays the top ten promotions resulting in paid admission income sorted by value or count, and the top ten email messages resulting in paid income sorted by total order value.
  • Fundraising Dashboard Report
    The Fundraising dashboard displays the number of donors and the total pledged amount for the current fiscal year, the current calendar year and the current week (Sunday to Saturday). It displays the number of new donors this week and the current value of all unpaid pledges. It charts the total pledge amount, the opportunity amount and the goal amount for appeals or funds. It also displays the largest pledges, new donations, donors attending events and donors without correspondence over specified date periods.
  • Notes Dashboard Report
    The Notes dashboard displays the due and overdue notes that have been created by or are owned by the current user.
  • Ticket Sales Dashboard Report
    The Ticket Sales dashboard displays the total sold amount and count, the total paid amount and count, the total unpaid amount and count, the average price ticket price, the total sold count as a percentage of the capacity, the total number of unaccepted offers and the total number of comps for a given series.