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Marketing Reports

The following marketing reports are standard in AudienceView:

  • Call Over Report
    The Call Over report lists the details for all of the customers who have tickets on order for a specified event.
  • Customer Biography Report
    The Customer Biography report displays a summary of the purchasing history for a customer account
  • Email Marketing Report
    The Email Marketing report displays metrics for an email marketing campaign either defined by appeal or message.
  • Front of House Report
    The Front of House report displays details about sales, and specific customers and order for a specified event.
  • Order Marketing Data Report
    The Order Marketing Data report details order information by marketing data for a given range of performances, roles and order creation dates. It breaks out orders purchased across different order marketing data values.
  • Question Response Summary Report
    The Question Response Summary report shows all questions and their responses by series and event. You can run this report for specific venues, series, event date range and/or events.
  • Ticket Usage Report
    The Ticket Usage report displays the total number of tickets bought or assigned, printed and used by series. It also provides a use percentage by customer.