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Accounting Reports

The following accounting reports are standard in AudienceView:

  • AV Transaction Report
    The AV Transaction report displays paid or sold count values for single admissions, bundle admissions, donations, miscellaneous items and gift certificates. It will also break out zero value tickets (comps) for both single admissions and bundle admissions.
  • Credit Card Transaction Summary Report Deprecated in AudienceView 6.8.11.
    The Credit Card Transaction report has been replaced with the Payment Gateway Transaction Summary Report)
  • Daily Payment Summary Report
    The Daily Payment Summary report totals processed payments for a specific date and displays results by user, user role and payment type. 
  • End of Day Summary Report
    The End of Day Summary report displays total payments and payment allocations for a given time period by series and/or event. Using the detailed view of this report, you can view allocated payments by user role or user role group.
  • General Ledger Report
    The General Ledger (GL) Report displays detailed transaction information on all sales and payments over a specified date range.
  • Payment Details Report
    The Payment Details report displays payments and/or refunds (refunds, cancels and voids) by payment method for a given time period. All payments are displayed in this report, allocated or not.
  • Payment Gateway Transaction Summary Report 
    The Payment Gateway Transaction Summary report displays all payment gateway sales, voids, and refunds for a range of dates and summarizes declines and failures. This report does not include cancelled payments.
  • Performance Order Allocations Report
    The Performance Order Allocations report displays the total value of admissions, charges and requests that have been allocated and an itemized list of allocated charges. 
  • Performance Payment Allocations Report
    The Performance Payment Allocations report displays the payment allocation of allocated or de-allocated orders to admissions, requests, taxes, and service charges by payment method, admissions and/or requests. Unallocated payments are not included in this report. 
  • Sales Audit Report
    The Sales Audit Report displays the payment allocation on all sellable items.
  • Sales by Series Performance and Price Type Available in AudienceView 6.8.10.
    The Sales by Series Performance and Price Type report displays performance totals and percentages for sold tickets, unpaid tickets, held seats, comp. seats, and available seats, number and value of seats by price type, as well as service charge totals for a range of performances.
  • Sales Report by Series Event Report
    The Sales Report by Series Performance report displays detailed ticket sales information for a series. You can filter this report by event date enabling you to view sales information for a single performance or across several performances.
  • Unallocated Payment Details Report
    The Unallocated Payment Details report displays unallocated payments for a given date range by order number. This report enables you to view the details behind the unallocated amount on the End of Day Summary report.
  • Unbalanced Orders Summary Report
    The Unbalanced Orders Summary report displays all orders with a balance owing and/or a credit balance.